Welcome to NechPremium Lures

At Nech Premium Lures, we provide innovative products of the highest quality. Try out one of 14K Gold flutter spoons or one of our painted spoons. We believe no other spoon on the market is as reflective or sturdy as our Gold or Nickel spoons. Gold has unique light reflective properties that fish can't resist. Our spoons are thrown by all levels of anglers from the top level FLW Tour and Bassmaster Elites to the weekend angler. This bait is extremely versatile and easy to use.

Our flutter spoons are constructed of:

  • Smooth solid brass
  • Heavy duty split rings (includes extra split ring for line attachment)
  • #2 Gamakatsu EWG treble hook
  • Rust and corrosion proof

How to Fish with Nech Premium Lures:

  • Hop it along a point, hump, creek channel or any underwater structure
  • Swim it in open water
  • Jig it anywhere you like
  • Let it fall on a slack line
  • Avoid line twist by using a swivel
  • The wonderful thing about a spoon is there is no set rule on how to fish it, you can be as creative as you can.